Tests Involved

Tests Involved

Each Genomics Evolution Test analyzes up to 32 genes selected by our team of scientist (Premier in the field of Nutrigenomics research) and provides nutritional recommendations and if necessary recommends essential minerals or Phyto-chemicals based on the client genetic needs in these key areas:



Anti-aging Processing

Mitochondrial Function

Inflammatory Potential

Fitness and Exercise related Injuries

Food Allergies

Your test report will include the following and not limited to:
-Clinical definitions by our scientist and experts from Eurogeneticaon what each SNPs (Mutations) means to your health and well-being.
-We will then recommend Phytonutrients and essential minerals on how to overcome your genetic weaknesses or bypass your genetic mutations (SNPs).
-Specific Diet recommendations for your genetic make-up
-Advance scientific references on each SNP/Mutation from top medical journals and research abstracts around the globe.