About Us

Genomix Evolution

Genomics Evolution has introduced the most comprehensive Scientific evidence base nutrigenomic testing to validate client specific nutritional supplement needs to provide important health precautions to both Clients and Practitioner’s. The archaic notion of “One fits all Models” is over. This is a new cutting edge in Molecular Medicine.

Our Team

DR. Keith Grimaldi, PhD (Bio-Chemist)
Fountain Head of Nutrigenomics Science
and Chief Scientist of Eurogenetic /
Genomic Evolution.

Dr. Keith Anthony Grimaldi graduated in biochemistry from the University of Liverpool and received his PhD from the University of Cambridge. He worked for several years in Italy for the pharmaceutical company Serono as a Research and Development manager. Subsequently in the UK as a Research Fellow University College London (UCL) his research focussed on neural and cardiac developmental gene expression and then DNA damage and repair in cancer and its treatment. He helped set up the EMEA subsidiary of a USA based NASDAQ quoted internet technology company (iPIX) and worked as technical director. He joined the world’s first personal genetics company Sciona as Chief Scientist in early 2002 where he was responsible for the development of all products until 2008. He was Scientific Director of Eurogene (EU eTen project) and is currently Scientific Director of Safecape Ltd, DNAFit.com and founder of Eurogenetica (specialist in providing business to business personal genetics services). Ongoing research includes involvement with NuGO in the Food4Me project and ICCS, Athens in the EurHEALTH project, and the Quantify Life – Feed Yourself (QuaLiFY) project

Dr. Al-Majid Adams, NMD, PhD.
CEO and Clinical Advisor for
Genomics Evolution.

Dr. Al-Majid Adams is the founder and CEO of Genomix Evolution. Dr. Adams got his undergraduate in Pre-med and Concentration in Pharmaceutical science at NCA&T University. He worked for BRITE as research assistance after graduation DR. Adams worked for Proctor and Gamble pharmaceuticals as Analytical Chemist and went further and got His Master’s in Clinical Functional Nutrition at Live University in Atlanta Georgia. Nutritional Biochemistry is always His focal point He went further and got a medical degree in Naturopathic Medicine at University of Health Sciences. Dr. Al-Majid will also be finishing his PHD in Orthomolecular medicine this summer 2018 from Kingdom College of Natural Health. He has taken part in Independent research in three sub-Saharan African countries in Ethno-biology and cancer. Dr. Al-Majid Adams completed his Nutrigenomix training in Sorrento Italy by the premier researchers and Scientist of Human Nutrigenomix Project in Europe.

Dr. Mahmoud Adam
International Business Consultant
and Advisor for Genomix Evolution

Dr. Adam is a PHD Candidate at UniversitarionOrientali in Napoli. He worked for IstititoUniversitario di Napoli. He also assisted Studio Legale Associate Nesta. Dr. Adam participated in various publications in African Linguistics.

Dr. Alba Papa-Grimaldi
Chief Counselor of Genomix Evolution

Alba Papa-Grimaldi graduated in history and philosophy from the University of Naples, Italy, and carried out her Ph.D. at the Department of Philosophy, University College London (UCL). Her thesis was developed into her first book Time and Reality, published in 1996. She also taught at UCL and was a lecturer at the University of Legon in Accra, Ghana.
Her interests are in metaphysics and Orphans of the One represents a condensation of all her work on the subject over the last 10 years. See also http://zenoarrow.blogspot.co.ukAlba was also the co-founder of Eurogenetica Ltd in 2011, a personal genetics service company, and her work includes running and presenting courses in nutrigenetics. She runs a nutrition-charity blog (www.welcometolowtoxinlife.co.u), presently under re-construction. .