Why Do Patients/Clients Need Nutrigenomic Testing?

By knowing your inherited genetic makeup we can provide personalized and precision nutritional and if necessary Phytonutrients or Vitamins recommendations that will help you prevent or delay diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other metabolic anomalies. Without Nutrigenomic analysis of enzyme functions, millions of people spend millions of dollars in un-necessary supplementations without any scientific validation and this will end up been toxic to their genetic make-up.

Why Genomic Evolution (Eurogenetica)?

Eurogenetica in cooperation with GE is one of the premiers in the field of Nutrigenomic research in the world with countless scientific journals to support it’s claimed. Our head scientist Dr. Keith Grimaldi led the European Union Nutrigenomic Project in 2004. There are many Nutrigenomics companies out there who sole purpose is to make money without any scientific validations.

Why Do The Test Now?

Why wait? Knowing your genetic mutations is like having the key to the Pandora box of your health. This will help you and your entire family prevents any metabolic anomalies. Also, If you cannot find the answer as to why you are constantly not feeling well or do not have enough energy, or have a family history of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases or Ulcerative Colitis wouldn’t you want to know if you have any of those dirty genes?


Is the science of how food, Natural products and supplements can interact with particular genes to decrease the risk of diseases by looking at an individual’s particular DNA in these nutritional pathways to enables one to make supplement choices based on personalized genetics, rather than using the same support for every individual regardless of their unique needs. With Knowledge of imbalances in nutritional genetic pathways it is possible to utilize combinations of nutrients, foods and Natural nucleotides to bypass mutations and restore proper pathway function to Health (Dr. Amy).

The Science of Nutrigenomics

Why the skepticism?
A mixture of misinformation, misunderstanding, and miscommunication and of courses too much hype and extravagant, hard to believe, claims from some commercial operators.

What is it?
Scientifically, nutrigenomics is the study of how genetic variation in individual genes affects an individual’s response to particular nutrients and toxins in the diet.

What is it trying to do?
Nutrigenomics aims to use genotype information from an individual to determine the properties of the proteins coded by certain genes and the effect this has on metabolism, transport and assimilation of nutrients in the diet and the effect on elimination of toxins. A genetic variation, e.g. a SNP, can affect the activity of an enzyme which can affect the metabolism of a nutrient such as folic acid. This is exactly analogous to pharmacogenetics where the variation in a gene affects the rate of drug metabolism. We have standard guidelines on healthy eating which are based on many years of accumulated scientific evidence mainly from observational and intervention studies (NOT clinical trials). These guidelines have been developed to help maintain a healthy lifestyle for as long as possible. The aim of nutrigenomics is to be able to modify standard dietary guidelines according to the individual genotype and phenotype – again based on many years of accumulated scientific evidence mainly from observational and intervention studies. The level of evidence for nutrigenomics is similar to that used to develop and justify standard guidelines.

What does it mean for the consumer/patient?
The use of genetic information both to guide dietary choices and to inform individuals about the importance of diet, food and metabolism. Nutrigenomics enables us to use genotype and phenotype to improve our understanding of how food works together with the body. The information aspect of the service is extremely important – the scientists use it and learn from it so why shouldn’t the public? As long as the information is provided in a serious, responsible and correct manner then the result will be benefits for the patient/consumer.